Chiefs Offseason Moves

After a much needed hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance. These 90 minutes are jam-packed with free agency and draft information, with a more in-depth draft preview to follow in the coming weeks. Many thanks for your patience.

Oscar Review 2014

Our thoughts on the winners and losers at the Academy Awards. We talk all the major movies and categories with a few detours along the way.

2014 Chiefs Offseason Primer

Everybody wants to know who the Chiefs can sign in Free Agency this season. Last season was so promising, with a few moves they could really contend in 2014, right?

Well…..not so fast. The term “Salary Cap Hell” might be a bit strong, so how about “Salary Cap Purgatory?” The Chiefs don’t have a lot of room under the cap, so Amateur Hour goes over some options: Some tough, some downright painful. Information overload on the cap situation, to go along with some big questions being asked.

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Amateur Hour Academy 2014 – Offense

Part two of two – assigning letter grades to each end every offensive player. We talk Quarterbacks last and are joined by a super special guest to discuss the potential re-signing of one Alex Smith.

Amateur Hour Academy 2014 – Defense and Coaching

Part one of two – join us as we assign letter grades to every single defensive player on the roster, along with John Dorsey, Andy Reid and his three coordinators.

Nick at Night – Chiefs Season Finale

Hard to talk about and even harder to explain… We did our best to pick up the pieces after a devastating 45-44 playoff loss to the Colts.

Chiefs/Colts Preview Extravaganza

First and foremost, Dirkness and Ryan discuss where they’re at as fans going into this game. Are the Chiefs playoff demons exonerated with a win on Saturday? How will they handle Robert Mathis? Repercussions from the game 2 weeks ago? Surprise performers, keys to the game, etc… LETS FUCKIN GO CHIEFS, THE TIME TO WIN IS NOW!!!